Market Maker Examination for IDEM - for Individuals

The exam is open to any applicant wanting to become a Market Maker or Specialist on the IDEM market.

The Rules and the Instructions of Borsa Italiana’s markets state that in order to become a Market Maker or Specialist on the IDEM market, it is necessary to pass an examination which verifies the degree of understanding of the rules and procedures governing the proper functioning of the market as well as the full comprehension and acknowledgement of the code of conduct for market operations.
For this purpose, Academy offers on line sessions to take the exam (the exam will be held in English language).



Pre-exam phase
Prior to the exam, Market Maker and Specialist applicants will receive all the relevant study material and other useful documents by Academy Customer Care.

The exam
The examination is online and lasts 30 minutes. The exam consists of a multiple choice questionnaire regarding the IDEM market.

Post-exam phase
The exam results will be shown immediately after the exam submission.

Applicants who pass the exam receive a certificate which grants them the status of Market Maker or Specialist on the IDEM market.

The applicant can submit the registration form, duly filled out, to Academy ( 15 days prior to the exam date.
Participation will be confirmed in writing by the Academy administration.

Registration Fee
The individual registration fee is €400 + VAT 22% . The fee includes study materials and the online examination session.