Managing Effective IR in Alternative Investment Companies

A two half-day course on Investor Relations practices.

Virtual Classroom, 27 and 28 June 2023
Delivery schedule from 2.00pm to 5.30pm CET


In the current dynamic market environment, the IR for private investments sector is pivotal as it is an accelerator for key strategic decision-making, effective communication, integrating finance and marketing between both, internal and external stakeholders of an institution. 

An effective IR officer facilitates a better understanding of the business, a strong corporate governance, a beneficial financial and impact performance, as well as other non-financial performance. 

The main objective of IROs for private investments is to keep the investors and LPs informed – about market developments and key events that may eventually affect the Private Equity Fund structure – in a transparent, reliable and consistent manner.


The virtual classroom has been designed with the objective to provide delegates with: 

• a benchmark of the best private investments Investor Relations practices

• a focus on the role of the IR manager in private investments sector 

• an in-depth analysis of the main activities of an IR manager both during a fundraising process and once a private investment is in operation 

• a focus on the development and effective management of strong relationships with existing investors and Limited Partners (LP) 

• an overview of how the regulatory system works when marketing PE products across Europe

The virtual live course will be complemented with group works and discussion zones.

Who should attend

The course is addressed to: 

• Principals in private investments 

• IRs new in the Private Investments field 

• New joiners in IR teams 

• Junior IR 

• Communication and PR Managers

Our faculty

Saad Sheikh, Private Equity and Credit Investor 
Eric Maillebiau, PHD, Founder – CapEos
Marianne Scordel, Head of Bougeville Consulting

Learning tools 

The workshop will take place on the Zoom platform.

Learning material 

The course material will be provided to the delegates in pdf format the day after the course has taken place.

Certificate of attendance

The certificate of attendance will be sent in digital format after the end of the course.