Business Sustainability Certification Programme

An upskilling certification programme to unlock pathways to generate financial performance and socio-environmental impact. 

Blended Masterclass, 3 November 2022 - 9 February 2023

This certification programme in Business Sustainability is designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge base to navigate the complexity of the “sustainability” paradigm, eco-system and regulatory frameworks and to drive the implementation of sustainable strategies in their organisations.

The certificate, issued at the end of the training and upon a successful presentation of the learner's proposed Company Sustainability Transition Plan, provides a qualification from Academy - Euronext Group recognised across EU and international markets.


This blended training aims to:

  • Equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to develop a sustainability transition plan for their business, which can be shared and discussed with internal stakeholders (CEOs and executive teams).
  • Assist participants with drafting their sustainability transition plan through a project review and support from a dedicated academic mentor.
  • Engage participants with industry and thought leaders in the Sustainable Finance and Sustainability Space.


The programme is primarily designed to upskill business leaders working in the sustainable and responsible business space, such as:

  • Heads of Sustainable Businesses
  • Corporate Sustainability Officers
  • ESG Officers

The programme is also relevant to professionals who are involved in the implementation and the design of a sustainable transition plan, such as:

  • Senior Leaders
  • Heads of Strategy
  • CFOs
  • COOs
  • Heads of Risk
  • Heads of HR


  1. Pre-course Assessments (online): 
    • Knowledge test on financial markets and instruments
    • Identification of gaps to determine mandatory participation in the foundation courses
    • Individual's sustainability mindset (incl. repetition at the end of the course to assess progress)
  2. Foundation Courses (online):
    • Environmental and social challenges within a business
    • Introduction to financial markets and instruments
  3. Core Courses (blended): 
    • Pre-programme module: sustainability challenges in the ecosystem
    • Module 1: corporate sustainability strategy and leadership
    • Module 2: impact measurements and sustainable business model innovation
    • Module 3: sustainability reporting and transition planning
    • Module 4: funding the sustainability transition
  4. Final Project Work:
    • Write a sustainable transition plan for your company
  5. Project Work Presentation (in-person):
    • Presentation to a selected jury at Imperial College in London


The key take-aways from the certification programme are, being able to:

  • Develop and execute a strategy to transition to a fully responsible and sustainable business
  • Acquire essential frameworks, models and tools to make informed decisions
  • Understand materiality and address the organisation’s goals and challenges on corporate responsibility and ESG matters
  • Navigate the complex ESG frameworks and regulations landscape
  • Identify the most relevant sustainability value-creating mechanisms
  • Enhance and address your company’s ESG disclosures
  • Integrate sustainability into your organisation’s value chain to ensure long-term economic, social and environmental value creation


The Business Sustainability mastercourse will be led by experts from Imperial College Business School and Leonardo Centre on Business for Society as well as by Academy trainers (Euronext experts and external trainers).

The initiative is organised with the academic support of: