The Physical and Financial Power Markets

A 2-day virtual classroom powered by Nord Pool

Virtual Classroom, 9 and 10 November 2022
Daily schedule - 8:30 - 16:00 CET

Course background
The course is an introduction to Europe’s leading short- and long-term power markets and also a good refresher, covering all major recent changes to the energy markets and potential future developments.  

“The Physical and Financial Power Markets” sees experts from Nord Pool, Statnett, AFRY, World Kinect Energy Services, Nord Pool Consulting and Montel providing valuable insights and answers to the participants’ questions. There will, as always, also be a guest presenter of a hot topic yet to be decided.

Who should attend
This training programme is addressed to:

  • traders
  • investors 
  • back office professionals
  • front office professionals 
  • law makers and energy regulators

Nord Pool Digital Diploma: Test of knowledge   
An online test of knowledge will be made available for all participants and serves as a useful source of information about the finer details about the power market.  Those who pass the test with more than 90 % correct answers will be awarded a Nord Pool Digital Diploma. During the live presentations online competitions will be arranged to increase interaction and highlight important topics. 

Organisational delivery details
The course will be held in English and will be streamed in front of a live audience but with active interaction with all participants. If possible, participants will be admitted to attend physically at the Nord Pool’s venue in Oslo. 

Both days will be available online, streamed live from a venue in Oslo. A live chat is available, and we will ready out load the questions to the energy experts during the presentations. Online material and tests will be available for all and distributed prior to the live streaming takes place; also other interactive tools will be available, and all who have registered will receive all information needed to get access. Please make sure you have good internet connection.


Online virtual classroom access provided by Nord Pool.