Benchmarking effective IR practices

A course designed to provide IR Professionals and Board Directors with an in-depth update on current IR best practices.

Virtual Classroom, 22 and 23 November 2022
Delivery schedule from 9.00 to 13.00 CET


The programme covers the latest developments in the use of technology and social media to build closer relationships with investors, changes in critical aspects of the day to day role of IR.
The programme offers a wealth of real life case studies with speakers that are well-known industry experts.

Central to this are the fund manager led group discussions which provide an excellent opportunity to compare and contrast different engagement approaches and identify those that will work best for different industries and corporates.

Benefits of attending

Here several key outcomes that can be expected from this course:

  • benchmark your own IR practices against industry standards
  • understand the industry changes and learn what the likely changes will mean for you
  • learn how to get the best out of your “IR toolkit”
  • appreciate how IR can support the board and its governance story
  • understand what drives investors’ investment rationales and how to use this to enhance your company’s equity story and value
  • learn what investors, including Responsible Investors, expect from you and how best to engage with them

Target Audience

This training programme is addressed to:

  • IR professionals
  • Communication and PR Managers of listed and listing companies
  • Financial analysts of listed companies


Nicolas Meunier - Head of Advisory & IR Solutions - Euronext Corporate Services

Saad Sheikh - Senior Partner - TLG Capital Investments Ltd
Chrysoula Zervoudakis - 
NED and Board Advisor
Mélina Leprince-Ringuet - 
Analyst - AXA Investment Managers