Nord Pool Certified Compliance Course - REMIT, Transparency Regulation and the UMM Platform

A virtual classroom powered by Nord Pool

Virtual Classroom, 8 February 2022
delivery time from 9:00 - 16:00 CET

Course background
The course has been designed to provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding of regulation in the European physical power market and to cover he many compliance features Nord Pool offers, including the UMM platform for publication of inside information and our system reporting orders and transactions to ACER.

Subjects covered include

  • REMIT and Transparency Regulation, with relevant case law
  • Presentation of REMIT Best Practice Report – a sector review on REMIT best practice compliance measures
  • Algorithmic trading and best practices
  • Presentation of Nord Pool’s proven REMIT UMM service including live training
  • the European market monitoring framework  

Who should attend
This course will be of great value to anybody who is trading wholesale electricity contracts, or whose work is otherwise connected to the wholesale electricity market and anybody working towards fulfilling requirements under applicable law:

  • Traders
  • Managers
  • Compliance officers and staff
  • System providers (e.g. trade support systems or developing algorithmic trading solutions)
  • Transmission System Operators
  • National Regulatory Authorities
  • Power exchanges using Nord Pool as a service and system provider
  • Anybody who wants to understand the finer details of the common European power market

The training course will be managed by the highly experienced Nord Pool Market Surveillance team in close cooperation with the team at Nord Pool Consulting.

Organisational delivery details
The course will be held in English and will be live streamed online only.
One week before the live-streamed presentations, all participants will gain access to online material covering important aspects of the regulation of the European power market. This material also includes a test of knowledge which must be completed one week after the live presentation.

Nord Pool Certified Compliance course digital diploma: Test of knowledge  
An online test of knowledge will be made available for all participants and must be completed one week after the live training. Passing the test, the delegates will receive a digital diploma proving the successful completion of the Nord Pool Certified Compliance Course.