Net-zero Portfolio Management Masterclass

An on-site masterclass powered by Panthera Solutions.

Meeting SDGs by 2030 has become imperative. Redeploying capital towards positively impacting SDGs has been set as our industry’s societal mandate. Asset owners and asset managers currently face more questions than answers on where to begin to achieve an investment strategy that aligns with the Paris Accords-aligned goal of a net-zero carbon (NZC) economy by 2050.

Organisations such as the Net Zero Asset Managers and Net Zero Asset Owners Alliances already boast memberships that manage or own trillions of dollars of assets, and they are still growing fast. However, setting a net zero portfolio goal is the easy part.

The simple question of how to deliver on that promise leads to all manner of challenging answers. ESG investing has turned into a regulatory box-ticking exercise, detached from exploiting opportunities or mitigating risks that come with this transformation. How to begin? Are there any existing solutions that would allow an investor to at least start down the road to achieving a NZC portfolio by 2050? Would these solutions for instance compromise the fiduciary duties to its beneficiaries?


This masterclass is the most intense 4-day training for configuring a tailored roadmap towards turning portfolios into net-zero carbon emissions. Participants will be introduced to best practices on configuration and management techniques, which are applied to their own case and tested through a competition based-simulation at the end.

The course will be held in person in Monaco, from 25 to 28 November 2021.

Course outcomes

After attending this Masterclass participants will know how to:
▪ define your intended impact on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through an NZ portfolio,
▪ explore best practises on how to compose and manage a NZ portfolio, while increasing your competitiveness,
▪ create your own NZ roadmap and evaluate how to optimise it by applying narrative reporting technique.

Who should attend

This programme is designed for investment professionals of various profiles that participate in ESG, SDG, Impact Investing projects of any kind and want to improve the transition towards a net zero portfolio.


Mag. Dr. Markus Schuller, MBA, MScFE Founder and Managing Partner, Panthera Solutions
Strategic Asset Allocation and Behavioral Design Specialist

Jonas Englund, MBA Trainer, Panthera Solutions
Green Finance Specialist