Responsible Sourcing: Driving Sustainability in Supply Chains

A 2 half-day course on the newly approved CSDDD Regulation

Virtual Classroom, 22 and 23 April 2024
from 9.00am to 12.00pm CEST

As companies aim to improve their own efforts in the areas of ESG, there is also an increased focus in managing third-party risk and building supply chains and distribution networks in a sustainable manner. 
Third parties – suppliers, distributors, and other business partners – are considered an extension of a company and sometimes determine a company’s ESG footprint.

For this reason it is in the company’s best interest to build a strong thirdparty risk management programme and encourage them to adopt acceptable ESG standards.

The programme has been designed with the aim to highlight the various challenges that companies might face when involving their supply chain in the adoption of ESG standards. 

The training session will provide delegates with an “in-depth” view of:

  • The regulatory drivers that are influencing ESG due diligence in supply chains, with a particular focus on the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive
  • The best practices in supply chains due diligence and procurement processes
  • Sustainable and inclusive growth through Responsible Sourcing
  • Strategies and levers to decarbonize the supply-chain 

Besides being addressed to Corporate Sustainability Officers, the course is also designed to the benefit of a Procurement officers and HR officers within listed and non-listed companies of all sectors. 

Laura Chavarria, Engineer - Head of Product - Kodiak Hub
Sandra Atler, 
Director of the Human Rights & Business Practice Group - ENACT