Understanding and comparing ESG rating methodologies

A half-day classroom to understand how your ESG Frameworks are assessed by ESG rating industry leaders.

Virtual Classroom. 13 December 2022
Delivery schedule from 2.30pm to 5.30pm CET


ESG Ratings are designed to help investors understand ESG risks and opportunities and integrate ESG factors into their portfolio construction and management processes.

Long-term risk and return profile of institutional portfolios can be impacted by a number of ESG factors, from natural resource scarcity to changing governance standards, from global workforce management to the evolving regulatory landscape.

In this context, promoting globally consistent standards for assessing ESG risks and opportunities is the current challenge of regulators and ESG rating agencies, but one of the key ways to truly impact on portfolios alignment to net-zero.

Objectives and key take aways

By reviewing their current ESG rating methodologies, leaders in the ESG rating industry will provide a thorough understanding of what “materiality” would look like in the assessment of ESG risks and opportunities, thus helping investors:

 • understand financially material ESG risks in their portfolio companies and how those risks might affect performance.
 • identify those companies that are leading or lagging in their industry,
 • improve their risk management and engagement processes,
 • refine their portfolio and index-based products construction.

The highlighted assessment methodologies will also help corporates identify:

 • financially material ESG risks and opportunities
 • valid sources of information to help internal advocates promote change, as well as highlighting areas of particular weakness and strength
 • focus on the most relevant changes to their ESG strategy and disclosures approach

Who should attend

The course is designed to the benefit of a diversified audience

 • Asset and portfolio managers
 • Responsible investors
 • Fund managers
 • Asset owners

In asset management firms

As well as 

 • IR and ESG managers 
 • Risk managers
 • Board members

of listed companies.


Daniele Spagnoli - Head of ESG Methodology, MOODYS

Willem van Golstein Brouwers - Associate Director of Methodology, Corporate ESG Solutions, Morningstar Sustainalytics

Asier Molto - Senior Manager - ESG Research, S&P Global

Kristina RüterManaging Director - Global Head of ESG Methodology at ISS ESG